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The Premier insulated whelping box is a must have for responsible breeders. 


Now available with an attachable 50cm high pen.


The run comes in two options: 5cm gap bar panels or mesh (please contact us if you wish to order the mesh option of the pen).


Please note that we have a limited stock of the bar run panels available. If you would like to order with a bar run please contact us before making your purchase.


Sizes are available to suit all of our standard whelping box sizes:

3 x 3 feet pen, 3.5 x 3 feet pen and 4 x 4 feet pen.

Sold as a set or the runs can be purchased separately for those who already have one of our Premier Whelping Boxes. 



Whelping Box & Run

  • The whelping box is made from white Thermo board is insulated 21mm thick which comes with the puppy safety rail also in aluminium, the actual base is 12mm thick and is raised off the ground preventing any cold or dampness.

  • All of our whelping boxes are made to order. Please contact us for the appoximate delivery times.

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