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Premier Animal Housing is a leading UK supplier of dog and cat housing. We provide everything you'll need to build a home for your animals, from panels for dog runs to complete kennels, thermal dog kennels and catteries.


Our business is run by a dedicated and experienced team - we own both boarding and breeding kennels, and offer a wealth of knowledge about the canine and feline worlds. We have been involved in the 'dog world' for many years and our first-hand experience ensures we know what is required to keep your animals in a safe, healthy and happy environment.

Our expertise as a trusted supplier of dog kennels, galvanised kennel panels, dog cabins, galvanised dog run panels and catteries means we are able to ensure that your animals have year-round comfort and space, in line with the new animal welfare requirements and regulations that came into force in 2018.

Why choose us?

  • We are happy to offer advice for your projects - large or small.

  • All our ranges are designed and built by professionals who specialise in caring for animals.

  • We will provide you and your animals with high-quality products at affordable prices. 

  • Our team have exceptional attention to detail, excellent customer service and passion for our products.

  • We offer a 48-hour delivery service.

Meet The Team

Richard Bott


Gavin Robertson


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