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Galvanised Mesh Panel.


After welding, all Premier Animal Housing panels are immersed in baths of molten zinc to ensure that they 100% galvanised, both inside and out, giving complete coverage.


These extra strong mesh panels are the strongest in our range, meaning that they are suitable for all canine types and ideal for both domestic and commercial boarding kennels.


Fixings supplied (bolts, nuts and washers).

Galvanised Mesh Panel

  • Elongated fixing holes to secure the dog run panels to walls and floor.


    4mm, 8 gauge strong mesh is integrally welded to the 25mm box section frame work, producing a clean and flush finish.


    50mm feet provide enough clearance for cleaning out underneath the run panels.  This also meets the current boarding kennel regulations.

    Three sizes available 1m, 1.5m, 2m all at 184cm height

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