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Galvanised Bar Puppy Pen.


After welding, all Premier Animal Housing panels are immersed in baths of molten zinc to ensure that they 100% galvanised, both inside and out, giving complete coverage.


With a 5cm gap between the bars, this not only gives added strength and safety to the panel but also means that they are ideal for all breeds, puppies and boarding kennels.


Fixings supplies (bolts, washers and nuts).

Galvanised Bar Puppy Pen

  • Elongated fixing holes to secure the dog run panels to walls and floor.

    16mm steel tubes inserted and welded at 5cm gap intervals, into 25mm x 25mm steel box section.

    Available sizes: All 1 meter in Height

    1.5 metre x 1.5 metre

    2 metre x 2 metre

    1.5 metre x 3 metre

    2metre x 3 metre

    2 metre x 4 metre

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