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Top Tips To Know BEFORE You Buy A Galvanised Dog Run Panel

Premier Animal Housing (PAH) is a major UK supplier of galvanised dog run panels and if anyone knows what to look out for before you buy - it's them.

You would think that all panels were the same but that is where you would be wrong.

Firstly, the reason for the panels is to keep your dearly loved pet in a secure area – an environment which keeps your pet in and safe. This is unlike wooden pens/kennels that are often chewed (that in itself can be damaging) and which are prone to absorbing unwanted liquids like urine which can cause infections and odours. Hygiene is what it is all about, it really is not possible to keep wooden panels clean and odour free – so galvanised is most certainly the way to go.

Additionally, many Local Authorities are insisting that professional kennels are galvanized and no longer issue licenses for wooden kennels.

Panels come in a variety of sizes so you do need to have your space carefully planned before purchasing in order that you optimise the area of use. At PAH all our panels are 1.84 meters high and we recommend that you keep to full or half measurements to make your install costs low, for example 1metre 1.5 or 2m lengths.( bespoke lengths may take longer to get and will cost more).

You can also purchase panels that are 1m high these are ideal for puppies so they can have space to exercise outside whilst keeping them safe.

Panels generally come in three different types:

Bar panels:

These are generally the top seller because they “look the part” and are normally slightly cheaper than the others. They usually come with a 5cm gap between bars which is ideal for all breeds, puppies and boarding kennels.

Mesh panels:

These are used more for commercial kennels, slightly stronger and heavier and are ideal for the more outgoing dog.

¾ solid panels:

These panels are a little more expensive but great where you need a reduction in noise level and where you wish to prevent dogs in adjoining kennels seeing each other. They also cut down on draughts.

Make sure that any panels you plan on purchasing are made to European and British Standards it could be the difference in getting a Local Authority License to run your kennel business (if that is what you plan to do).

Always check the range of accessories available for you panels, it may be that, for example, at a later date you want to install a roof or for that matter, extend and install a gated panel. Flexibility gives you options in the future and saves you having to start again. So that is why the panels should be easily assembled (secured) and dismantled and should be easy to:

· bolt together

· attach other panel types

· fix to a building

· install accessories such as drinking bowls etc.


Quality panels will be galvanised, hot dipped for complete coverage (not all are) thus eliminating rust which can be harmful for your pet. Galvanising gives a panel extended life and that should be reflected in the companies guarantee which will save money in the longer term. Again, don't underestimate the flexibility offered when it comes to variety of size – being able to create multiple spaces/partitions is perfect when you don't know just how many pets you have to house.

Make sure your chosen supplier holds stock of your items there is nothing worse than having to wait weeks, sometimes months for a new stock intake.

Decide the type of floor you are going to have before erecting your panels, ideally on a concrete or paving slabbed area which is level. Hardcore or gravel will do but must be level. Whilst grass is possible, remember dogs may try to dig under and it will quickly become muddy or develop holes, on grass you cannot hose pipe down the run without creating a muddy wet surface, not hygienic.

Confirm for yourself that the panel bolts are universal so that they can connect to panels from different manufacturer/suppliers.

Finally, make sure the company you are thinking of purchasing from provide a help desk that can assist in any matters regarding your panels and plans. We hope that this report has been of assistance in helping you decide what type of panels you require and from whom you are going to acquire them.

Wishing you every success with your project

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